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Driveway, Patio, Fence & More. Romford, Essex, London

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Price £3,950

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Price £1,975

Every property is different and the same size patio or driveway can vary in price depending certain aspects such as ground work involved, waste to be removed and other aspects like access.

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Price £2,960

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Price £7,990

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Price £1,880

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Price £1,790

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Price £575

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Price £4,240

The above prices are for reference purposes only!

When laying driveways, patios and paving tons of earth must be removed from your property to lay a sufficient foundation so that your drive patio or paving does not sink over time.
Driveways require the most earth to be excavated as cars are heavy and a shallow foundation or incorrect foundation will not stand the test of time and your vehicles weight will cause your driveway to sink.
If your ground levels are higher than the finished height of a driveway or patio then additional earth will need to be excavated.

Plants, trees and existing features to be removed will add to the cost of your project.
Access will be considered in your price, for example if you have no rear or side access and work must take place through your home or business additional time and care will be required increasing the cost further.
If you have a large property and the area to be worked on is at the furthest point from delivered materials and waste unit’s further distance must be travelled to remove waste and obtain materials.

Due to these reasons and many more including unforeseen problems that may occur for example hidden obstructing pipes meaning a project must be re-designed will all increase the price from the basic estimate and or quote.


Small Rustic Beach Garden Makeover

Approx 10 m2 Small Block Paved Patio

Approx 20 m2 Slab Paved Driveway

Fully Paved Raised Patio & Planters Makeover

Curvy Path Using Circle Kit Slab Paving

Sandstone Circle & Square kit

Shingle Cirlce & Block Paving Edge

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Approx 40 m2 Large Basic Block Paved Driveway