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We couldn't fit it all on one page so here is some more of our work for your viewing.

Stonemason Landscapes - Portfolio 2

Sleeper Wall Timber Border Planter & Turf

Large Raised Porcelain Patio

Porcelain, curves raised planters and steps, a floating bench and light natural tones is what the client was looking for and had a design in mind.

Huge amounts of blockwork and back filling was involved in this project to achieve the look the client desired.


After a huge extention and renovation this properties patio was left in an unusable state.
So the clinet had a design in mind.

Tranquil Hot Tub Small Tropical Garden

Fully Paved Garden With Elevations & Raised Patios, Economy Paving Slabs - Stonemason Landscapes

A pool of water in a garden surrounded by some evergreen and or tropical plants makes for a gorgeous relaxing getaway in your very own back garden.

Using plants to screen around your hot tub is an effective way to allow some privacy but to also give the illusion you are further away from home than you really are.

Hot tubs can be used all year round so everygreen and tropical plants are a must to surround your hot with.

Large Patio Fountain & Glass Wall - Stonemason Landscapes

A property developer got in touch and asked for a simple plan they had prepared to give this 2 million pound mansion a patio and lawn to be able to sell it upon completion.

The design was a little basic but the patios clean cut striaght lines, and gleaming glass wall softened by the grand fountain, aggregates and a huge fluffy green lawn all came together and got the house sold!

Large Patio Fountain & Glass Wall


Premium Block Paving Driveway

Large Garden Makeover, Sleeper Wall, Patio, Lawn & Garage Renovation

Using premium block pavers for a tidy antique chic look with an inset drian cover the client was over the moon with their new driveway and even had us install a small patio shortly after.

This client lived on a small tight road with limited parking and the old crazy paving and concrete combination was starting to look a little ugly so a new driveway is what the client asked for.

Modern Dynamic Garden & BBQ Pit

Modern Dynamic Garden & BBQ Pit

This garden has the most variety of matierials in one project that we have ever installed and comes together to bring this chic, modern and dynamic garden leading down to a abstract BBQ pit with slate seating. You really need to know your angels installing a design like this.

When you let us do the deisgn work you can be sure you will end up with a very bespoke and original garden and thats exactly what happened here.


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